Thursday, February 20, 2020

Critically assess the ideological differences between Old Labour and Essay

Critically assess the ideological differences between Old Labour and New Labour - Essay Example Following the internal transformations in the party’s ideology from which had already started to take place since 1979, Tony Blair in 1993 pointed out the confusing ends of the clause IV and put forward the alternative statement for the clause IV. During his first speech as the leader of the Labour Party he explained that in order to find out the solutions to the various problems being faced by the British nation, the country needs a transformation and that transformation has to first take place in the Party’s aims and objectives. Concluding his first address as the party leader he said: Let us be blunt. Our system of Government has become outdated. Our economy has been weakened. Our people have been under-educated. Our welfare state and public services have been run down and our society has been made more divided than at any time for 100 years, but our politics need not be like this. Our country need not be like this. Ours is a project of national renewal, renewing our commitment as a nation, as a community of people in order to prepare and provide for ourselves in the new world we face. We must build a nation with pride in itself. A thriving community, rich in economic prosperity, secure in social justice, confident in political change. That is our hope. Not just a promise to change – but to achieve it. Our party; New Labour – Our mission; New Britain. New Labour New Britain. Old Labour proclaimed its faithfulness with socialism but could not establish it in the true sense. The New Labour claims that it stands for a democratic socialism which can be termed as a benign capitalism, and unlike the Old Labour, New Labour stands with what it says. The problem with the Old Labour party was the fact that it believed in gradual change; it always claimed its loyalties to be with socialism, however it never succeeded to implement it, the policy of gradual change only complicated things

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